If You Want It You Can Have It

If you want it, you can have it, but it is never a fun situation to need emergency money. We were all in there. You’re at the end of your wits trying to figure out how you’re paying your bills, getting the money for food, or meeting a financial deadline. Try these ways to manifest emergency money before you break the bank.

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If you’re flat broke and you don’t know where you’re going to get the money to pay the bills when the creditors keep calling when you don’t know if you’re going to lose the roof over your head or the shirt on your back you’re going to have to show money today.

if you want it you can have it

But what can you do to transcend your current wealth level? You don’t want your payment(bills) to be late. You don’t want to live paycheck to paycheck, or you don’t want anybody to be in debt. You don’t want stuff to continue the way it is.

You may have tried to use the Law of Attraction beforehand to manifest money. In “The Secret” you used all the methods you hear about — visualisation, feeling good, affirmations, but you still have to show money today.

So what are you going to do today to manifest money? The universe says if you want it you can have it so then why are you waiting.

Here are the few things To follow how to manifest money.

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1. Smell The money Which You have

I am sure that at some point in your life, you smelled money. It has a distinctive odour which you can’t find anywhere else. But what does the smell of money have to do with today’s demonstration of wealth?

Simple – smelling money makes you align yourself vibrationally with cash. It makes you one with money and speedily manifest money when you are one with it.

You don’t just smell it and do nothing when you smell money or think about how hokey it seems.

With the Law of Attraction, it is yours as soon as you ask for something. It implies that the money you want is yours already. So if you smell money, don’t smell money to get it.

Smell money with the realisation that there is a lot of money you already have. To manifest money today, you do not smell it. You sense it because you’ve manifested tremendous wealth already.

2. Count The Money Which You have.

Imagine holding all of the money you need in your hands. Feel your hands on the bills. Bring them up and smell the money in your nose. Inhale the lovely fragrance of money. Count the cash now, laying down each bill in front of you. See each account in your mind’s eye as you lay it down. Make the whole experience as real and as tangible as possible.

Try to do this exercise three times a day, incredibly right before you go to bed. Relax in the sensation of knowing that you have created all the wealth you need when you go to sleep. You have manifested emergency money. Just that technique helped manifest Genevieve Behrend.

3. Believe that you can quickly make money manifest.

Like all the Law of Attraction stuff, it starts with your thoughts. If you believe that money can manifest quickly, you can. You have to BE the person who quickly manifests money. Do what would be done by someone who manifests emergency money and you’re going to manifest emergency money.

4. It’s plucking money.

It is another simple Money Visualization Attraction Law. Just close your eyes and see that money is falling all around you. Feel it slipping on your head and shoulders. See it falling in the room you’re in your house or apartment, and your neighbourhood everywhere. Endless sums of money fall all around you. Money so quickly comes to you.

Try doing this visualisation to manifest emergency money for at least a minute. To manifest wealth for the long-term, the universe says if you want it you can have it, so you have to do it regularly.

5. Be infantile.

Approaching money from the point of need or scarcity will prevent you from making money manifest. From the point of curiosity and excitement, you’re much better off approaching it. Think about how a child views the world-it ‘s all new and fun. The world is full of opportunities. Embrace that childlike state of wonder. The results are spectacular!

6. Love Money Money

Everything responds, even money, to your feelings. People often feel frustrated, disappointed, sad and afraid of money. Money, however, is about bliss, love and joy.

This simple exercise is changing your sense of money. It quickly shifts you from pushing money away into your life to allow it to happen. You change your vibration to one of allowing yourself to express money today, instead of focusing on how much money you need.

All you need to do is draw up a list of why you love money.

It helps me pay my bills.

It helps me travel the world.

It allows me, in the world, to do so much good

I love more and more money because it smells so good.

I love money because that’s so beautiful.

7. Think Money Manifesting

It would help if you saw yourself today as having made money manifest. Your whole vision must have been one of them that has already happened. In the world around you, forget about what you see going on.

Feel your life continues to expand without being attached to the result.

Don’t think about whether you’re going to reveal money today. Think according to your desire.

Be confident and straightforward. Stay at an elevated vibration as the world remakes around you.

Debt is moving out; wealth is moving in.

Collectors stop calling, bills paid to show up in full.

Excess cash arrives, struggling to get through the leaves.

Today, money can be manifested.

8. Let’s be positive.

It will be difficult to manifest cash, emergency or not if you start losing hope or becoming frustrated. Forget about any specific results. Take some deep, calming breaths and start searching for the good things in life. Look at your life with appreciation, realising that everything is OK in this exact moment, this very second, and you have everything you need. Let go of the result and rest assured that you will reveal emergency cash. Wealth will be manifested good things will come to you. do not doubt anytime how to manifest money. because the universe says if you want it you can have it anytime. so be positive at any time.

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Always Think Positive no negative thought in your mind.

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